Best Batteries On The Market


Car batteries provide the electricity needed to power a car's engine and other electrical components. Without a battery, a car cannot start or operate. As with other types of batteries, some brands perform better than others. Car owners need durable batteries that perform well in all types of climate conditions and have long lifespans. By comparing the top car batteries on the market, shoppers can find the model that offers a combination of value and performance to meet their driving needs as well as their budgets

Utilizing unique Spiralcell technology, have tightly rolled coils inside rather than flat sheets of lead. This protects the lead from vibrations and also makes the batteries completely maintenance-free. The Red Top and Yellow Top batteries last twice as long as other brands and perform well in demanding conditions.

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Interstate Batteries

As one of the oldest auto battery manufacturers in the industry, Interstate Batteries has a solid reputation and history. The company offers the largest selection of types and sizes for cars of all makes, models, and ages. Interstate Batteries products perform in all types of weather conditions and have a long lifespan.

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Designed for everyday use, Exide batteries offer reliable performance for automotive needs. The large selection of batteries suits nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Additionally, Exide manufactures two different sizes of universal batteries that work for custom automotive applications, such as cars that require more output due to an aftermarket audio system.

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As the manufacturer for many GM vehicles, ACDelco batteries offer reliable performance in a budget-friendly price. Though they feature as OEM parts for GM vehicles, the company produces batteries for all makes and models of cars. They have corrosion-free terminals and a large reservoir to allow for reliable performance for several years.

It was a Consumer Reports top rating that propelled the ACDelco 78AGM to the top of our list of best car batteries trumping some other equally popular models. The reason behind the rating though is that it manages to crank up a very impressive performance in almost all the parameters.

The ACDelco 78AGM is an Absorbed Glass Matt battery that features silver calcium stamped alloy which increases both, the performance as well as the cycle life. It has a very low resistance thanks to the calcium lead positive grid.

ACDelco’s vent cap design prevents acid leakage (Although the battery is 100% pressure tested against leakage) and the envelope separator ensures optimum performance even in varying temperatures.

We spoke to numerous customers who replaced their in-car ACDelcos with the 78AGM and couldn’t help but be impressed with the performance. The battery is the best definition of zero-maintenance. You can install this and forget about it.



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In terms of durability, reliability, and performance, Bosch batteries rank at the top of Consumer Reports' tests. With their completely sealed design, the batteries do not need maintenance during their entire service life. Utilizing innovative designs, Bosch car batteries fit in a wide range of vehicles and meet the growing electrical demands of modern cars.


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Along with getting the best car battery, take a look at the following accessories which will allow you to be proactive and check the condition of your battery before it bites the dust. Not all of these are mandatory. But you’d be in a better position to identify and repair any flaws before it leaves you stranded on the road.

Storage trickle charger: A storage trickle charger will let you to temporarily charge your battery and prevent discharge especially if your car is idle for a long time. You can use a float charger to monitor the status of your battery from time to time and ensure that everything is in working order.

Jump starters battery boxes: If you do not have a jump starter battery box in the car emergency kit, then it is highly recommended that you get one. You can jump start the car without having to connect two different cars.

Handle: If your car battery does not include a carrying handle or a loop, then you can easily buy an aftermarket one. This may look like an overhyped feature. But in reality, it can make it easy for you to remove as well as lower the battery into the compartment.

That’s it folks. We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide and that this lets you pick the best car battery for your car.